Just thought I'd put in a plug for our Quaker in the 'Birds do and say the darndest things' column. A few weeks ago my girlfriend was eating a Pop Tart with Pooter bird eyeing her (Ok,Ok the PopTart) closely from the top of his cage. She broke off a piece and gave it to him, as she was walking away she absently asked "Is that good?" his prompt response was a perfectly clear and distinct "Yummy!" We looked at each other and nearly fell to the floor! He's been a good talker and has a fairly large vocabulary, but we had never to our recollection said that word to him! And the timing was perfect!


    i have two birds, a mitred conure and an umbrella cockatoo. i love being told i love you every morning from my conure. and when i come home at night it's always hey baby!
    i love my birds, their great fun and company.

    Tara Blue

    SALLY D'ADDARIO of Exotic-L writes about her Senegals:
    Ellie was so cute tonight!!! Here I was sitting at the computer with Ellie and George's cage at my back. I turned around as both were contentedly grinding their beaks. There was Ellie, one of her little green cast-off feathers in her claw, clutched tightly to her chest, eyes closed and beak grinding away!!! She had her own little "security feather"!!! I just love these birds!!!

    GARRY J. WALLAN of Anchorage, Alaska writes:
    E.T., my Congo African Grey parrot, has always shown a preference for words with an "ooooo" sound, so I tried to teach her to say "Hi! My name is Poo-Poo!" She took me literally and now calls ME "Poo-Poo!"

    In the AM it's "Good Morning, Poo!" In the evening it's "Goodnight Poo-Poo." When I sing Itsy-Bitsy Spider, I get "Thank you, Poo."

    The other day, she elevated my position in her universe; I came up the stairs and she said "Good Morning, Poo-Poo Bird!"

    What did we do for fun before we had parrots?

    JOANNIE DOSS, also of Alaska, tells this story about Amazon "Pepper":
    When I got Pepper BFA, he was my only bird for several years. He fell in love with one of my husband's tennis shoes. (I think it was the left one.) Any way, the other shoe never interested him, nor did any other shoes. Just that one shoe. He would make love to it regardless if my husband's foot was in it or not. The pair finally wore out and my husband threw them away. Pepper has never fallen in love again with another shoe. He had regarded just that one as special.

    Max, my blue & gold macaw, likes to sit on his play area, and throw treats to the dogs. The dogs will sit nicely waiting at his feet, and when he throws one it's like a king throwing a gold piece to the poor: they scramble to see who gets it. (note: the treats are carrots, brocolli, nuts, whatever).
    Ashley McLure, Atlanta


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