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"OK guys, remember the plan... we're just three luv-birds, chillin' out," whispers Blue-crowned conure BooBoo, who has lived with keeper Peter Leon in Calgary, Alberta for 18 years. On the left is Fischer's lovebird, Charlie, and on the right is black-masked lovebird, Domino.

"You've heard of natural blonde, brunette, redhead... I'm a natural red, yellow, orange, blue, green, white and black," explains sun conure Jabber, who lives with Laura Havern in Chesapeake, Virginia.

"Hi, my name is Paulie, and I'm a red-masked conure... or as some people say, a 'cherry-headed' conure. I'm seven months old. A long time ago, when I was just a baby, I was all green, but now my red fedders are coming in. I live in Onawa, Iowa, USA with my friends Dean and Denise."

"Oh, Mom! What do you mean it looks scruffy? All the kids are wearing their hair this way these days!", explains 4.5-year-old YodieBird, a female (maybe) Nanday Conure. (Actually, YodieBird is not having a bad hair day, just relaxing after a bath). Yodie lives with human friend Linda Shuck in the beautiful Ozarks in Bolivar, Missouri. Linda talks about Yodie's antics: "Oh boy, does THIS bird have antics...she sings the "Pirate" song from Disney's Pirates of the Carribean, she "SNORES" on command when you say snore...she does a FULL sound effect snore and then says "snore snore"...and does another and another. She dances, wolf whistles, calls the cats, she also sings her name "Yodie" on the end of EVERY song she sings...I don't know why, but every song ENDS with's SOOO funny. She has picked up a "bad" word from my son, and KNOWS just when to use it...she gives "BIG" sucking kiss noises and then says..."KISS KISS"... then does it again until you kiss her. She says "I love you" and "THAT HURTS" (she got this one from HER biting ME... she also says "YOU QUIT IT , YOU QUIT IT RIGHT NOW!!! when someone is loud or arguing....and when she is REALLY SCREECHING the conure SCREECH, she tells herself very sternly to SHUT UP YODIE, RIGHT NOW!" Needless to say... this bird is a JOY!!

Hi, my name is Alexis! I live in South Jersey. I am a Yellow Collar macaw. I am 9 months old. I was an unwanted bird. I lived in 3 different homes in the period of 3 months....that is until I adopted Annette, my mom. When she first brought me home, I did a lot of biting. I was petrified of hands. My mom use to call me her little chainsaw with feathers. Now, I love to be touched, scratched, and tummy tickles! I am now starting to mumble words...but my mom understands what I am saying:) Soon I hope everyone will understand me. Here is a photo of me. I am on my back wanting a tummy tickle!

Hello PetStation, from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA. We loved your web site and just could not resist the opportunity to send pictures of our little terror child Diddles. He is a redbellied parrot of the poicephalus family and quite a little character. He was two years old in December 1998. He is a great imitator of sound effects. He does the microwave beep, the portable phone dialing, the squeak of our freezer door, school bus brakes. We also have 4 cats, so Diddles does a great meow. He says hello, pretty bird, do my neck, nite-nite and clucks like a chicken. His favorite food of all time is baked sweet potato and he also loves peas and oranges. All in all, he is our little clown!

Hello! My name is Bonkers and I'm a Jenday Conure who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm 4 years old but my best friend Ken Mayer still treats me like a baby. Living in Arizona can be very hot, so I ask for a bath everyday and Ken takes me outside and mists me with the garden hose. :-) I also get to sit in the shade tree with my treats while everyone plays in the pool. I don't speak very well but I get my point across LOUD and clear. I'm currently single and trying to talk Ken into finding me a friend.

Hello my name is Roccofella and I am a Hahn's Macaw from Honolulu, Hawaii the Aloha State. I am 2 and a half years old going on three. I love swimming and Pistacio Nuts. My vocabulary consists of Hi, Hello, Good Night, Good Girl, Bye Bye, Shut up, I Love you, Ramon... who is my owner. I am looking for a partner who is a male (as I am a female) about the same age as I am. Any possibilites e mail me at Bye bye;-

Yellow Collared Dwarf Macaw "Gandolf" is 3 and 1/2 years old. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee with keeper Dan Meyer, and he says "Hi", "Hello", "Peekaboo", "Whadya doin'?" and "Is that good?" and he loves to sing and wave his foot. Dan can do most of these things, too, but not as well as Gandolf. Gandolf was recently in the film "Blood, Friends, and Money" with the actor Jim Varney ("Ernest" of "Know what I mean, Vern?" fame). Gandolf has his own home perch with pictures and more information at:

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