This section is dedicated to all of our fine feathered friends... the birds!!!

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Here's "Isaiah", a nine-month-old cherryhead (peach-faced) lovebird who rode a plane from upstate New York to Oregon to live with Cheryl Keram.

"Ah, nothing like a cold Mountain Dew after a hard day's chewing," says Moluccan Cockatoo "Charlie", roommate of Terry Miles in Nevada.

"Cisco", a Blue-crowned Conure enjoys a sunny winter's day outside in Western Washington. To learn more about Cisco, check out Species Showcase.

Tinga, the free-flying sun conure, was the "special boy" of PetStation. He died in January, 1999. You can read more about him at Remembraces of Tinga.

"Princess", an Umbrella Cockatoo, shows affection by preening young Blue & Gold Macaw "Copernicus". "Princess" was hatched and raised in captivity in Indonesia, but now lives with Elaine and Martin Jordaan in Ventura, CA. Photo Copyright 1995 Martin And Elaine Jordaan.

A threesome of macaw buddies makes for one colorful portrait (Hyacinth, Hybrid, Blue & Gold).
Photo by R. Holster -- Gig Harbor, WA.


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