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    A herd of cats! This is the "Amazing Dozen Litter" of Maine Coon Cats, born to Verismo Cats in Western Kentucky. There were eight females and four males in the litter, and all 12 were born healthy. You can learn more about this amazing litter at Verismo Cat

    Nineteen year-old "Little One" (of unspecified breed) prefers sleeping in a box lid to a $40 bed that keeper Sean bought for her. Sean and Little One live in Montreal, Canada.

    Thai (the Siamese) and Chester (the orange and white DSH) of Ionia, Michigan catch a few winks in a rocking chair together. They are best of buddies. A couple of months ago, Chester disappeared. He was missing for 4 weeks and given up for dead. But then, a meow came at the door. Drenched from rain, and thinner than he had ever been in his life, he returned home. Although he "meowed" his entire month long tale, no one is quite sure what happened to him. Thai is just glad he is home, safe and sound!

    Meet Kissen, at right in purse and inset, thinking to herself "Now where did I leave that dead mouse." Kissen is described by keeper Dzinta in Stockholm, Sweden as "a Swedish little cat... a nice blend of half Norwegian Wood and half short haired anyrace *wink*."

    Scottish Fold "Duncan" engages in a favorite activity, watching television (a "Garfield" special, no doubt).

    One and a half year-old "Pepper" found her home via e-mail. Reports Mary and Shane Gabie of West Chester, Pennsylvania, "We got her when my husband got an email message at work from someone looking for a home for Pepper. She was just a tiny lonely stray and we fell in love with her immediately."

    "Bug Montoya" currently resides as the occasionally challenged First Feline in a household of four cats. He came into the home of Kim Novins of Long Beach, California, when a dearly loved one passed away suddenly, and is himself indisputably overloved. He gets the goodies, such as baby food, walks, and songs with lyrics dedicated to him, of which the others can only dream. He'll turn 10-years-old in May.

    "The Twins", as they are called by Julia and Gary Dent, are seal mitted Ragdoll Kittens. Ragdolls are born white and so it is quite exciting to see the color come in and create such perfectly marked kitties. All Ragdolls have blue eyes and these babies certainly excel in that area. For more on Ragdolls check out Julia's Dreamdolls

    "Tyson" is one lucky little kitten. Stranded, alone and crying near the Snake River, Tyson was rescued by a do-gooder who swam across the river to fetch him. Now dry and happy, he lives with "Grandma" in the Seattle area.

    Starring in the major motion picture "Invasion of the Cat Aliens" is "Bama", who was adopted at an animal shelter in Alabama but now lives with her special human Niki King in Aliso Viejo, California. Niki says Bama is the most spoiled Russian Blue ever, but she is totally worth it. She follows her humans all around the house and slaps their feet when they've done wrong.

    Willie, the Cybercat is the owner of Tom and Debi Shinder of Rockwall, Texas. He's still just a kitten, so his programming skills are limited, but in his spare time he studies Visual Basic and Java scripting and plans to expand his website in the near future.

    "Bigboy", was found under a rose bush when he was just 3 weeks old. He's a Gray and White Bi-color, weighs 14 pounds, and will be five on October 1st. He lives in San Francisco, CA with his mother Spookie, his ex-girlfriend Betty, and Tasha who gazes lovingly at him and anxiously awaits him noticing her existance (he still has a thing for Betty although it is NOT mutual!). He also lives with his two humans, Gail Colombo and Bill Niemeyer who love him very much and fulfill his every whim. You can learn more about this fun group of cats at Betty's very own web site Cat Faeries.

    "Yes, I'm beautiful," "Leah" seems to say as she makes herself comfortable. Leah is served by Mark Findlay of the Puget Sound.

    It is, indeed, the famous "Steve"... one amazing Russian Blue (at least partially, anyway) maintained in royal style by Catherine E. Stanton of Northern Viginia. Steve is 11-years old.

    Don't these two cats -- "Gatsu" and "Coo" -- make a sweet pair? They are five- and four-years old, respectively, and live in JAPAN with their human companion Hiromi Saito.

    [Scottish Fold] Who dat peeking out of those pillows? It's "Angus" a young Scottish Fold, who lives with mum Tabatha Holtz in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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