This section is dedicated to all of our wonderful little furry friends!!!

Your pet can be showcased in SMALL MAMMAL MEDLEY PHOTO GALLERY. Send a color print to PETSTATION, Photo Gallery, Box 46401, Seattle, WA 98146. Or you can e-mail scanned photos by attaching them as a file to your message. E-mail
Please include your name, the pet's name, and your city and state of residence. Chances of your photo appearing in the gallery are dependent on the quality and personality of the shot, and the overall quantity photos received.
If we don't use your photo, it's not because we don't like you. Your picture just didn't work very well for the World Wide Web. Check out our helpful Photographing Pets and try again. We really do want to show off your pet.

Professional Pet Photographers, please get in touch for a special offer.

"ACHI" -- 2-week old black-velvet chinchilla owned by stationmaster Russell.

More little chins -- two-day old light browns, owned by René Hindriks and Bernice Muntz of the Netherlands.

"FLUFFY" -- brown-charcoal chinchillas owned by Jim Jensen -- sees no attraction in soap and water.

"PACHA" -- black-velvet chinchilla, and "ANDY" -- Afro-violet, owned by stationmaster Russell .

Dust-bath time for Sammy, a brown-ebony owned by René Hindriks and Bernice Muntz of the Netherlands. You can see more of their chins at ChinNet


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