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Hi! My name is Norman. I'm a 4 year old, red and white Siberian Husky. I live with Dave and Vikki Husband in Gastona, North Carolina. I think I'm real smart, and I love to do everything my parents do. I like to go for long trips in the car or go on hikes through the woods. I have 3 cats, who love for me to chase them around the house. They don't ever let me catch them, but if I do.... I like to do tricks for treats. I can sit, stay, lay down, shake hands, roll-over, and speak. My favorite pastime is sleeping. I can sleep and sleep and sleep. When I'm awake though, there's no stopping me...I can stay up with the best of 'em!

"What do you mean dirt's not good to eat?" asks "Holly Jolly Christmas" an 11-month-old yellow lab, immediately following brunch in the bog. Holly Jolly lives with her human pals Terry,Patty,Ari, and Wyatt Pajtash at Scenic Drive Resort, Delta-Iron River Wisconsin. (

This is Pumpkin, my Shar-Pei. As you can see, she is considered to be a big and chubby dog compared to other Shar-Pei's. (Her skin actually seems to be a little too tight for her.) We've nicknamed her "Pig" and "Tubby" for the obvious reasons.

Two-year-old "Snobal" is a miniature Labrador retriever, and is considered the owner of the house by Heather Cochran in Blytheville, Arkansas.

One-year-old "Shadow", a Dalmatian, lives in British Columbia with keeper Christine Yake, and is already excelling in open obedience (Shadow, that is... we're not sure about Christine).

Two-year-old apricot toy poodle Jazz is ready for summer at the beach. Jazz lives with Joyce Lee in a cozy apartment in Singapore.

Here's "Dolly", who appears to be something of a pinscher mix with wonderful ears. Dolly is two years old and lives with Alex Koshentayevsky in Moscow, Russia.

Ten-week-old Jack Russell Terrier "Russell" makes himself at home in a flower pot. Russell resides with Collin Chan in Singapore.

Four-month-old yellow lab "Sophie" faces another hard, cruel day lounging in a hammock. Sophie is the companion of Brigitte Gingerich, Elmira Ontario, Canada.

One year old "Micro" and 4 month old "Comet", a pair of longhaired minature dachshunds, keep watch from the front steps of the home they share in Pelham, Alabama with Dennis & Sherry Dease. You can see more of these two on their personal homepages at and

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