This section is dedicated to all of our big (and little) hooved friends!!!

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"Ah yes... rub right there," says El Tigre de Dulce (Tiger) to a handy groom. Tiger is a Paso Fino and lives in Texas.

"My Name is AWESOME and I am only 4 hands tall. I have my own home page called AWESOME & FRIENDS where I tell about my adventures on and off the farm. I live in finksburg Md. Here is my picture,( I am at the very very bottom). My birthday was April 13 1995. I just Turned 1 Years old."

MGK Forget-Me-Not a.k.a "Racy" and her son I Have A Mighty Dream a.k.a. "Rambler" (born: 2/5/95) enjoy the West Virginia sunshine. Racy and Rambler are kept by Kathy Smith.

"Ljóska", a red dun Icelandic mare, belonging to Kim Middel of the Netherlands, shows off that beautiful flaxen mane.

A good-looking foal stays close to Mama. Photo courtesy of Keller's Appaloosas.

Roy and Jean Jacobson of Gig Harbor, Washington, USA, scored big at the recent American Miniature Horse Assoc. Nationals in Reno, Nevada. T.L.C. Cherokee Prince, a five-year old gelding (left), and T.L.C. Strawberry Sweetheart --a three-year old mare (posing with Jean), both placed in the Top Ten. Congrats Roy and Jean... from PetStation!

Lunch time for a young Quarter Horse.

Mama and baby snuggle.

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