This section is dedicated to all of our wonderful little furry friends!!!

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"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille," states four-year old squirrel, "Baby", who lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

"OK... best three out of five", says one-year-old arm-wrestling sugar glider Marcel, who lives with keeper Kelly in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"Yes, I know I'm just the cutest thing in the world," says Natalie, the teddy-bear hamster. Natalie was born on Easter Sunday, 2001.

"Hey, this is not my most photogenic side, you know!" says four-year-old guinea pig Patty-Weke-Weke to keeper Brittany of San Diego, California, USA. Brittany says Patty-Weke-Weke is a very loyal and caring pet, gives kisses and can run to her home from anywhere in the house.

Nine-month-old rats Rosie and Alice live in Woking, England, and are "sooo sweet" according to keeper Zoe Rhodes.

"How do you like my new earrings?" asks Janet Garrison of Friendswood, Texas. In case you didn't notice, the earrings are actually baby African hedgehogs.

You've heard of Superman... you know Batman... now meet... "Machoman", a two-year-old African hedgehog, who lives in San Antonio, Texas with Chris & Gina Pena.

"ACHI" -- 2-week old black-velvet chinchilla owned by stationmaster Russell.

"I know I can get this WHOLE thing in," says "SUSIE", a golden "teddy bear" hamster, one of the crew at NorthBow Hamstery

"CINAMMON" -- a fawn-colored Dutch Lop bunny wants to play with a four-week old kitten. Cinammon lives in Stavanger, Norway, with the Grassbaugh family.

From the "Worst Promotional Ideas" department: The Ragu Sauce Company's ill-advised "Free Ferret In A Jar" campaign! Actually, this is "PIXXEL" a sable female, who enjoys playing in spaghetti sauce jars... presumably sans the sauce. Pixxel and friends can be found at Ferret Central. Photo by Pam Greene.

"DUTSE" a golden hamster, and mother of seven, shows excellent form and balance.
Dutse lives with her friend Janne in Denmark.

Dust-bath time for "SAMMY", a brown-ebony chinchilla owned by René Hindriks and Bernice Muntz of the Netherlands. You can see more of their chins at ChinNet


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