PetStation, a division of RS Enterprises, Seattle, Washington, is an electronic forum dedicated to furthering awareness of natural and enlightened pet-keeping; increasing appreciation and respect for companion animals and their place in human society; and assisting in the improvement of conditions related to these pets.

Since 1995 PetStation has been one of the most popular all-pets information sites on the World Wide Web. While most of the other pet sites that were around at that early stage of the Web have disappeared or been gobbled up and transformed into marketing tools by commercial concerns, PetStation carries on as an independent and VERY unique forum for caring pet-people around the world.

There is nothing for sale at PetStation, though the site is generously supported by advertisers that offer products and services for sale at their own, independent, web sites.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the station, will add us to your hotlist and become a regular voyager through the PetStation realms. We will be adding continually to PetStation; it is like a snake... it never stops growing.

PHILOSOPHY: PetStation consistently maintains a stringently pro-animal tone and perspective in all of the site's many facets. Like most serious and long-time animal advocates, we have seen enough of human ignorance and abuse applied to animals, wild and tame. PetStation is definitely not PollyannaPets. There are many problems in the world of pets, and PetStation will address these issues head-on. Though some may disagree with our editorial stance on various issues, hopefully this progressive perspective will be of value to the vast majority of responsible pet keepers, from the long-time aficianado to the newcomer to pet-keeping.

For the true and dependable animal lover and pet keeper PetStation will serve as an interesting, informative, but also fun, source of ideas and inspiration in their journey of wonder with their companion animals. An important goal at PetStation is to assist prospective pet-keepers in discovering the type of pet that is best suited to their interests, capabilities and environment. Yet perhaps just as importantly, information contained within this forum may also serve to gently steer those people who really should not own a pet away from the notion of taking on the responsibilities of animal care.

STRUCTURE: PetStation is comprised of a main station and seven sub-stations, and constructed so that visitors can zoom around within the site and to other related Internet sites as easily and quickly as possible. You will find numerous links which will move you through a realm (i.e. DogStation), and every junction also back-tracks to PetStation where you can "E-train" to another realm or out into the vastness of the Net.

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES: Unless otherwise credited, the quotes used throughout PetStation are by R. R. Holster Jr.

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Until he extends the circle of compassion
To all living things,
Man will not himself find peace.


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This World Wide Web publication is dedicated to those people around the world and through the ages who have provided a warm home and open heart to companion animals...

And to the flesh and blood angels we call "pets".
What a lonely world it would be without them.

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