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Since 1995, PetStation has been one of the most active and popular all-pets sites upon the Internet, and the leading online proponent of enlightened and natural pet-keeping. Each day, thousands of visitors come through PetStation. Shouldn't your pet-related business be here as well?

PetStation has always been free of charge for our visitors, and is supported solely by advertising from businesses wishing to reach our online audience, generally a more educated and caring group of pet-keepers than average.

Businesses that have joined with PetStation are reaping valuable exposure and visibility across the United States and around the world! If your business is serious about reaching pet lovers, you should be here, too! No doubt you will find that PetStation is your most cost-effective advertising buy!

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PetStation web site design and/or hosting clients receive FREE BANNER ADS at PetStation. No other web site designer or hosting service can offer this outstanding promotional advantage! More info below.

Just $99 FOR SIX MONTHS or $149 PER YEAR for other businesses to tap into the thousands of viewers that visit PetStation each day! If your business is seeking dedicated pet-keepers, PetStation is absolutely your best advertising value!

Free construction using your logo. Includes optional two-sentence text description below ad. (If you wish to create your own banner, size must be 468x60 pixels, .GIF format.) Animated banners are $199 per six months or $299 per year.

Banner ad example.

SPECIAL NOTE: With your purchase of a banner ad at PetStation, your business qualifies to run the same banner at any other PetStation Realm (i.e. Bird, Cat, Critter, Dog, Fish, Herp, Horse area) for 50% off!

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PetStation classifieds are a sensational advertising value! Your ad can include UP TO 60 WORDS, run FOR UP TO A YEAR for FAR LESS than the cost of other classified ads.

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LEAD SPONSOR -- Your all-color banner ad positioned just below the main page menu... and at the bottom of all main pages. A Lead Sponsor banner is thus presented on all of the most heavily used pages within PetStation. Each banner is an active link to the sponsor’s web site. Maximum visibility and exposure for your business. Please call 253-858-7508 or E-mail for current Lead Sponsorship information.

PAGE SPONSORS -- Your all-color banner ad positioned at the top of the Presentation Page of your choice. Page Sponsor banners are ultra-visible on each page. Not only do visitors see the banner when they first enter the page, they return to the banner each time they click on the “Page Menu” link. Each banner is an active link to the sponsor’s web site. Call 253-858-7508 or E-mail for current Page Sponsorship rates.


Premier Web Site Design Professionals
Some Web Site Developers "Just Do It".
We Do It Right!

In association with RS Enterprises and Zexas Internet Services:

Let PetStation design and host your pet-related web site! Site design as low as $150... Hosting is just $19 per month.... AND our clients receive FREE BANNER ADS at PetStation. No other web site designer can offer this outstanding promotional advantage!

Like other businesses that have trusted us to develop their web presence, you will discover that your web site is your most cost-effective advertising/markerting expenditure!

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Compare Our Hosting Services & Benefits
Industry Average
  • Fast Servers - No
  • Hosting Space - 5-15 MB
  • Online Traffic Allowance - 1 GB
  • FREE Banner at PetStation - No
  • Web Site Specialists - No
  • Assistance with Site Updates - No
  • Non techspeak support staff - No
  • Price - $30+/mo
  • Setup Fee - Usually
  • RS Enterprises
  • Fast Servers - Yes
  • Hosting Space - 50MB
  • Online Traffic Allowance - Unlimited
  • FREE Banner at PetStation - Yes
  • Web Site Specialists - Yes
  • Assistance with Site Updates - Yes
  • Non techspeak support staff - Yes
  • Price - $19/mo
  • Setup Fee - Never

  • Domain Name Registration
    $20 per year
    (compare to regular $35 per year)

    Domain Site Hosting
    Per Month

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